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Indiabulls Real Es (IBREALEST)6.7%
Godrej Industries (GODREJIND)6%
Motherson Sumi Sys (MOTHERSUMI)4.94%
Upl Limited (UPL)4.6%
Siemens Limited (SIEMENS)4.29%
Bosch Limited (BOSCHLTD)4.01%
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Hexaware Technolog (HEXAWARE)-8.68%
Steel Authority Of (SAIL)-5.74%
Exide Industries L (EXIDEIND)-5.49%
Mahindra & Mahindr (M&MFIN)-5.15%
Jindal Steel & Pow (JINDALSTEL)-4.15%
Idea Cellular Limi (IDEA)-3.82%
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Axis Bank Limited (AXISBANK)60397
Reliance Industrie (RELIANCE)58685
Axis Bank Limited (AXISBANK)54941
Sun Pharmaceutical (SUNPHARMA)53506
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Gmr Infrastructure (GMRINFRA)33518142
Jaiprakash Associa (JPASSOCIAT)29672000
Jaiprakash Power V (JPPOWER)29370000
State Bank Of Indi (SBIN)15787500
Icici Bank Limited (ICICIBANK)15592500
Unitech Limited (UNITECH)10260000
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DIVISLAB : Divis Laboratories Limited

DIVISLAB Cash1723.45 Down Rs.-37.2 ( -2.11% )High : 1774.20Low : 1718.00
Open : 1752.00Last : 1720.25Volume: 170848Value : 296827921.25

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Future Symbol Chg. Open Interest Volume Value


DIVISLAB Future Tips: Divis Laboratories Limited

DIVISLAB This Month Future :
Price : 1722.55 Down Discount Rs.-73.2 Turnover : 7159.39 Up Adds 7132.48 Lakh.
Open Interest : 85125 Down Sheds -188000 Shares
DIVISLAB Next Month Future :
Price : 1738.40 Down Discount Rs.-57.35 Turnover : 7172.05 Up Adds 7145.14 Lakh.
Open Interest : 459500 Up Adds 240500 Shares
DIVISLAB Far Month Future :
Price : 1750.00 Down Discount Rs.-45.75 Turnover : 22.24 Down Sheds -4.67 Lakh.
Open Interest : 2750 Up Adds 1000 Shares
DIVISLAB Put Call Ratio :
Put Call Ratio = 0.49
Put Call Ratio (OI) = 0.23

DIVISLAB Options : DIVISLAB Call & DIVISLAB Put : Divis Laboratories Limited

             DIVISLAB Call                                                                           DIVISLAB Put
CE : 1750.00 (30-Apr-2015)     Price : 8.00
Turnover : 4.40 Lakh
Open Interest : 625 Up Adds (0.00) Shares
PE : 1750.00 (30-Apr-2015)     Price : 25.20
Turnover : 8.82 Lakh
Open Interest : 1625 Down Sheds (-375.00) Shares
CE : 1800.00 (30-Apr-2015)     Price : 1.00
Turnover : 9.00 Lakh
Open Interest : 1375 Up Adds (250.00) Shares
PE : 1800.00 (30-Apr-2015)     Price : 78.10
Turnover : 14.03 Lakh
Open Interest : 625 Down Sheds (-250.00) Shares
CE : 1850.00 (30-Apr-2015)     Price : 0.35
Turnover : 43.94 Lakh
Open Interest : 5750 Down Sheds (-250.00) Shares
PE : 1850.00 (30-Apr-2015)     Price : 109.00
Turnover : 2.44 Lakh
Open Interest : 875 Up Adds (125.00) Shares
CE : 1900.00 (30-Apr-2015)     Price : 0.50
Turnover : 7.12 Lakh
Open Interest : 5375 Up Adds (125.00) Shares
PE : 1900.00 (30-Apr-2015)     Price : 180.30
Turnover : 12.94 Lakh
Open Interest : 750 Down Sheds (-500.00) Shares
CE : 1950.00 (30-Apr-2015)     Price : 0.05
Turnover : 17.06 Lakh
Open Interest : 4500 Down Sheds (-250.00) Shares
PE : 1950.00 (30-Apr-2015)     Price : 188.65
Turnover : 0.00 Lakh
Open Interest : 375 Up Adds (0.00) Shares

Stocks Options Tips

Top Gainers
Option % Change
CANBK PE-330.002900%
ARVIND CE-360.002400%
SSLT PE-175.001900%
TCS CE-3100.001900%
ZEEL CE-420.001900%
JUSTDIAL CE-1450.001275%
Top Losers
Option % Change
APOLLOHOSP CE-1200.00-99.92%
ACC CE-1450.00-99.84%
SRTRANSFIN PE-950.00-99.81%
IBREALEST CE-62.50-99.76%
HEXAWARE CE-290.00-99.75%
ACC CE-1440.00-99.67%
Most Active
AXISBANK CE-580.009812
RELIANCE CE-860.009147
NMDC PE-110.008714
AXISBANK CE-570.008192
AXISBANK PE-560.006299
AXISBANK PE-570.005793
Volume Leaders
Option Open Interest
NMDC PE-110.0013294000.00
UNITECH CE-20.0011835000.00
JPASSOCIAT CE-25.0011136000.00
JPASSOCIAT CE-27.5010784000.00
UNITECH CE-17.5010062000.00
ASHOKLEY CE-80.008952000.00
Option % Change
CANBK PE-330.002900%
SSLT PE-175.001900%
GODREJIND CE-350.00958.33%
ENGINERSIN PE-205.00811.11%
APOLLOHOSP PE-1360.00487.98%
ALBK CE-100.00466.67%
Option % Change
ARVIND CE-360.002400%
SSLT PE-175.001900%
ZEEL CE-420.001900%
JUSTDIAL CE-1450.001275%
GODREJIND CE-350.00958.33%
UBL PE-1040.00527.35%

Index Options Tips

Top Gainers
Option % Change
BANKNIFTY CE-22100.00900%
NIFTY CE-10500.00200%
NIFTY PE-8300.0058.98%
NIFTY PE-8250.0052.84%
NIFTY PE-8350.0049.23%
NIFTY PE-8400.0036.42%
Top Losers
Option % Change
NIFTY CE-8300.00-99.28%
NIFTY CE-8250.00-99.04%
NIFTY CE-8350.00-98.8%
BANKNIFTY PE-17900.00-98.67%
BANKNIFTY CE-20700.00-98.5%
BANKNIFTY PE-17400.00-98.39%
Most Active
NIFTY CE-8200.003542939
NIFTY PE-8100.002249862
NIFTY PE-8200.002100926
NIFTY CE-8300.002024927
NIFTY PE-8150.001633877
NIFTY CE-8250.001492184
Volume Leaders
Option Open Interest
NIFTY CE-8300.007340075.00
NIFTY PE-8100.005770475.00
NIFTY PE-8150.004867850.00
NIFTY CE-8200.004758575.00
NIFTY CE-8400.004423075.00
NIFTY CE-8500.004409900.00
Option % Change
Option % Change
NIFTY CE-10500.00200%
BANKNIFTY PE-20700.0024.76%
BANKNIFTY PE-20300.004.1%

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